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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-30
1. Purchase a second lint roller just for this purpose It is better to have a dedicated lint roller for cleaning the furniture rather than utilize the one you typically clean your clothes with for two main reasons. First, in addition to the cat fur you remove from the bedding, you also gather dust, food debris and other particles that have the potential to stain lighter colored clothing. Secondly, the lint rollers that are designed especially for furniture have a wider roller, which makes your job much faster and easier. Make sure you remember to replace the tape after each task. 2. Use a damp microfiber cloth If you are in a hurry to clean the cat hair from the bed sheets or sofa and you don't have a lint roller at hand, another way to get the job done involves damping a piece of microfiber cloth in lukewarm water, wringing out thoroughly and wiping the surface with a circular rubbing motion. This method is not as fast as using a lint roller and the cloth will have to be frequently rinsed as cat hair accumulates on it, but it does the trick. 3. Shake and machine wash the bed sheets regularly In order to simplify your task, you can simply ensure that you don't allow too much cat fur to deposit in the first place. Therefore, at least once every week you can take the bed sheets outside and give them a thorough shaking to get rid of most of the fur. Afterwards, place them in the washing machine - separately from clothes and other items - set the cleaning cycle to thorough and then use the dryer's lint catcher. Don't forget to clear the lint catcher between loads. 4. Duct tape can be just as effective as lint rollers Cleaning your sofa with duct tape in the event you don't have a lint catcher can be performed in two ways. You could either make a circle of duct tape with the sticky side pointing outwards and drag it across the surface of the furniture or you can stick lines of tape from one side to the other and forcefully remove them in a single swiping motion, as if you are giving your couch a Brazilian bikini waxing. 5. Prevent the cat fur from depositing You won't need to get rid of cat fur so often if you have cover the surface of the furniture with a protection sheet every morning. When you want to use the bed, all you have to do is take it off along with the cat hair.
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