Why are polyethylene tape have bubbles?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


1, the cause of permanent bubbles on the one hand is polyethylene tape product quality problem, on the other hand is a construction polyethylene adhesive tape of operational problems. The former is due to poor product manufacturer of adhesive cohesion, rather than with adhesive tape primer compatibility is bad; The latter is when use due to the small round belt tension and tension unevenness, polyethylene tape can apply good to stick on the surface. < br />
2, recoverable bubbles is due to the weather is hot or sunny, winding phenomena arise after polyethylene adhesive tape, high-quality adhesive tape adhesive liquidity is big, have a certain ability to repair itself, along with the changes in the environment automatically disappear. Around the belt on the corrosion after finished product line is recommended for sun protection for 24 hours.

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