Why are there cracks in tape production? transparent tape manufacturer

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
The transparent tape manufacturer shares with you: the wholesale of tape is a way to buy tape, so it is much more convenient to use the tape, but sometimes it will have some cracks, what is the cause? Let's take a look. It should be noted that when the user receives the tape for unpacking, he cannot use a knife to cut directly from the middle, but from both ends, because if the strength is not mastered and the knife is too deep, the thickness of the carton will be added. Very thin, it will cut the tape it touches on, so cracks will appear. In this case, the entire roll of tape will be scrapped, and it will break when pulled, which will also affect our use. During use, it should not be in contact with sharp objects, because the tape is relatively fragile and can easily be scratched. There are many reasons for the cracks, but most of them are caused by human causes, so we must pay attention to protect it.
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