Why does the masking tape warp? Dongguan Sealing Tape Factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
In the process of using masking tape, we sometimes find that its edges are warped. What is the reason for this? Dongguan sealing tape factory tells you! 1. It may be that the adhesive is not properly selected. When choosing a self-adhesive adhesive, it is necessary to determine whether the adhesive required for the produced self-adhesive label is permanent or removable, whether it is a one-time paste or a Repostable. 2. It is also possible that the film tension control is not good, and the label edge is prone to degumming and warping after labeling. Dongguan sealing tape factory. 3. Another possibility is that the glue is too weak. Friends now know that this happens because of inferior products.
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