Why food plastic packaging PE composite plastic layer material will have a bad smell

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

polyethylene film is a colorless, tasteless, odourless, translucent non-toxic insulation material, a large number of used for packaging bags; Food packaging bags, also can produce all kinds of containers. It is an inert material, so difficult to print, must be after processing, and good results can be printed. In our country the earliest, the most common and most widely used plastic soft packing bags is PE ( Polyethylene) Made of thin film, its use is extremely widespread, characterized by low cost, water proofing property is good, but resistance capability is poor. PE plastic film is not toxic, but why some food packaging PE packing during production or composite plastic packaging of PE layer material will have a bad smell?

if composite packaging material film printing ink and printing ink solvent or composite binder ( Glue) And glue solvent, there is excessive residue, so poor because the barrier property of PE film, surface thin film material residues smell will come through, being mistaken for the bad smell of PE film. In addition to reduce PE film production cost, at the time of making film, mixed with the filling material can have bad smell.

problems in food plastic packaging production process a lot, but often the same question of the reason is various, so there is a problem, must be careful analysis, considering that after the experiment before jumping to conclusions. The above are for reference only.

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