Why is the sealing tape not sticking? Manufacturer of sealing tape

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
When we use tape, we will find that it is not sticky. What is the reason for this? The manufacturer of sealing tape will analyze it for you! In fact, if our scotch tape was just purchased and found that there are many tapes that are not sticky, it must be a quality problem of the product. We can request returns or ask suppliers such as scotch tape manufacturers or scotch tape suppliers to deal with them. If it has been a while since the purchase and found a lot of tape quality problems, it may be that there is a problem with our storage method. Generally, the adhesive tape will reduce its viscosity when it encounters water. Check whether there has been water in our warehouse in the last period of time, or whether the ground has been wet. If there has been a transparent tape that does not stick, it is normal. We want to keep the warehouse dry and ventilated. When storing scotch tape, it is put together with other daily necessities, such as washing powder, laundry liquid, soap, soap, etc. These daily necessities are alkaline and will chemically react with the pressure-sensitive glue inside the scotch tape, yes the pressure The stickiness of sensitive glue loses its stickiness. If the scotch tape you purchased has been stored for too long, the tape has deteriorated, and it is definitely not sticky. The shelf life of general transparent tape is one and a half to two years. The longer the shelf life is, the more sticky the tape will be.
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