Will air bubbles on the tape affect its quality? Dongguan sealing tape factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Dongguan sealing tape factory shares with you: Many customers often have bubbles on the tape when they buy tape. How does this happen? This is because air is often trapped between the adhesive layer and the adhesive layer when the tape is produced or cut into strips, resulting in the appearance of air bubbles. Sometimes when the machine is properly controlled, after a period of time, the air escapes and the tape surface appears Flat, some cannot escape, resulting in the appearance of bubbles. But don't worry about the tape with bubbles, as long as we leave it for a period of time, this kind of tape with bubbles will not affect the quality of the tape! The larger the tape, the longer it will take to be completely transparent and no bubbles can be seen. The paper tube inside can be seen from the transparent part on the outside. Of course, there is another kind of tape produced by imported machines, which will discharge the air from the production and then rewind. The produced tape is also fully transparent, but the cost will increase a lot. In China, tapes are generally used for packaging and sealing, so there is no need for such a requirement.
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