With polyethylene tape production line of steel tube body of the difference in temperature

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

with polyethylene tape production line of steel tube body temperature difference. Good primer brush after wrapping tape, again the next day, the popular said primer for the night. Winding is not standard, forcibly even during manual winding, ensure the adhesive tape in a state of tension. No real sense of wearing tape to the tube body, such as such as clearance, combined with primer for real. Due to the polyethylene tape sealing is better, cause the water vapor couldn't quite a long period of time through the anticorrosive coating, lead to air bubbles. As long as the attention, during the construction of this kind of problem can be avoided. In the SY/T 0414 - 1998 standard, there is a clear explanation: when the weather is hot and sunny, often have air bubbles when wrapping tape, because the tape itself has certain flexibility and ability to repair itself, the bubbles are feasible to disappear, so this is not a quality problem. If produce permanent bubbles, like buckling, should wipe out the repair.

polyethylene tape from 60 s start on oil and gas steel pipeline is widely used as external anti-corrosion material has been more than 40 years of history, because of its excellent anti-corrosion performance and convenient construction performance, make it occupies a certain position in the pipeline anticorrosion material system. And because the polyethylene anticorrosive tape production enterprises to carry out continuous improvement and improve the quality of polyethylene tape varieties and, to make polyethylene tape application domain expands unceasingly.

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