With the increasing interest in sewing and handicrafts

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-05
They are also extremely practical and cost efficient. Tailored curtains to fit can be very expensive, and the cheaper shop bought ones may not fit properly or not be available in the fabric and style you want. By making your own you can pick out the fabric to match other furnishings in the room and can measure them to fit the window exactly. What You Will Need Curtain fabric Lining fabric Fabric scissors Sewing machine Tailors chalk Pins Needle Thread Iron Heading tape Curtain hooks Calculating fabric quantity For basic gathered curtains simply measure the length of your curtain pole or track and multiply this figure by two. This will give you the width of curtain fabric that you need. The amount of lining fabric will be about 5 cm narrower. The length of both is dependent upon the length from the base of the curtain pole or top of the curtain track and you should allow an extra 20 cm for hems for curtain fabric and 10 cm for lining fabric. Hems are sewn edges of cloth that prevent fraying and unravelling. Sewing Curtain and Lining Fabric Together Cut both the curtain and lining fabric and place them together, right sides facing. Using the tailors chalk mark both curtain fabric and lining fabric at the base in the centre and use this mark to line them up together. Pin and tack the side edges of both fabrics together, with the curtain fabric folding underneath the lining fabric. Tacking is simply a loose stitching by hand to hold fabric together. Stitch along each edge about 1 cm in from the edge starting 10 cm from the base and finishing 10 cm from the top to allow for hemming. Now you can turn your curtains so they are the right side out. Make sure the curtain fabric and lining fabric are lined up correctly and iron them to smooth out any creases and make them easier to work with. Fold over 1 cm and then 4 cm along the top edge and iron. By folding the fabric over twice you end up with a neat edge. Sewing the Heading Tape Pin and tack the heading tape in place at the top edge of the curtains. Turn the edges of the heading tape under before sewing into place, with one line of stitching at the top of the tape and one at the base. Hemming Your Curtains Fold over the base of the curtains twice to create a neat edge, and create a hem by hand stitching before ironing to press into place.
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