With the rapid growth of the market economy, the

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-18
Tape is a traditional industry, every household need to use the tape, the merchant and manufacturers is inseparable from the tape. The development of the domestic market of adhesive tape is only toward universal adhesive tape products or the development of low-cost products. Science as the basis of product research and development, combined with the reality of the production technology and measures demand for production and processing conditions are the basic conditions for high-tech, high efficiency R & D and manufacturing of adhesive tape products. For product research and development foundation, scientific emphasize in here not only advanced technology requirements for equipment and instruments, precise and stable product quality, on the quality concept of scientific for the technical measures and technical personnel is the most important key technology for product development and manufacturing. In the face of the rising cost of petrochemical products in the modern environment, all kinds of acrylic monomer costs have soared by 80 to 100%, creating the highest point, which has seriously affected the cost of production and development of the adhesive tape industry, in particularly, most affected is for a daily production of 30 to 100 tons of emulsion type acrylic series adhesives manufacturers. Causing the industry active in the production of various types of products, seeking cost restraint or compression, and have taken the modification and application of vinyl acetate monomer in the acrylic adhesive series. Although this technical measure has a superior cost structure envisaged, but because the chiller is a hard vinyl acetate monomer, in the reaction, polymerization easy to get gel, odor, or yellowing flaws. As for the development of the special adhesive tape and high temperature adhesive tape series of product technology in the domestic have technical obstacles, the most important is restricted in application of the medium, the medium surface treatment and high temperature series of adhesive formulations developed technology is hard to break. At the moment, we should use the network advantages comprehensive search for all types of special media supply channels or manufacturers, careful analysis and experimental. At present, we still rely on imports of raw materials used in our self-developed products, this long-term dependence on imported raw materials will restrict China's self-developed high-tech performance adhesive products, the situation must be resolved as soon as possible.
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