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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-14
Step 3: Read the lines. Some tape measures divide each inch into 16 or eight parts. Depending on that fact, you must count the lines from beyond the nearest number to the mark you are reading.Step 4: Make the final reading. After counting the numbers and the lines leading exactly to the point of your measurement, you will get the final reading, which is most likely in a combination of whole numbers and a fraction of inches.Step 5: Simplify the measurement. This involves simple math that is taught in grade school. Once you get your measurements, you must convert it into the simplest terms or in another metric unit if you need so.Remember: practice how to read a tape measure every so often. That way, you will get the hang of the whole process.Please click these links if you want to know more about how to read a tape measure or how to read a tape measure in general.
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