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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-17
I guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the results. This is how you can make a new wall look pretty worn out. In this case, do buy some drop cloths, latex satin wall paint, paint brush for latex paint, roller and roller cover, crackle medium, and masking tape. Here is where a base coat of latex paint is necessary, be sure to let the walls dry afterwards. When you are working with crackle paint, a satin finish can make all the difference allowing another shade of paint to become visible. Craft stores and local hardware stores both sell crackle finish. The number of coats of crackle finish depends on how big the project is. Working on one area at a time, apply the crackle finish carefully for large projects. You have the masking tape to protect some areas that you want to leave alone. Using a brush or roller, depending on the size of your project, apply the crackle. For walls and the like, it is necessary for the edges to be cut in before the paint is rolled on. Thirty minutes to one hour is necessary for the paint to dry well. You should not leave the crackle for a long time after it dries before applying the top coat of paint. You will not get a good finish if the crackle is left for too long. It is possible for the latex satin paint top coat to be applied using two methods. With a paint brush, larger cracks will be easy to achieve but if you want hairline-like cracks on your walls, what you need is a natural sea sponge. When it comes to this kind of painting method, walls are best done with a brush. Do not think that your crackle project will be easy as pie. A brush will be handy as you paint the wall from corner to corner. The key to a successful finish is to apply the crackle, let it dry, and run through it with a paint brush and a coat of paint only once. We started our strokes at the ceiling and then we made sure that they were lengthy not to mention as even as can be. We made sure that we only did one section at a time. You can say that we were no experts in this endeavor. You can succeed if you simply read the manufacturer's recommendations.
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