Young girls love to dress up as cheerleaders and

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-23
Cheer Camp Cheer camp is a summertime getaway for many cheerleading teams, and you can recreate the experience for little girls playing dress up games. Ask girls to wear some cheerleader attire like cotton shorts, sports team T-shirts, tank tops or short cotton skirts with tennis shoes. In your yard, set out a few small trampolines and step stools, as well as a gymnastics mat if you have one, and take the girls outside to practice some cheers and dances. The girls can make up their own cheers, or you can find basic cheerleading. At the end of the day, let the kids perform their routines for family members. Custom Megaphones A megaphone is a large cone cheerleaders use to shout through when they're cheering. You can let little girls design their own by turning a piece of poster board into a cone and taping it in place. Let the girls decorate the megaphones with paints, markers and glitter, and then hand out prizes like 'Most Colorful' and 'Most Spirited.' Pompom Race You can use cheerleading pompoms for a race game in which the girls each make their own set. Hand out two small rings to each child along with a large bunch of 6-inch long strands of yarn. You can use the cardboard rings from a roll of masking or craft tape, or make rings by twisting the wire from an old hanger into a circle. Have the girls tie the yarn onto the rings as quickly as they can, and declare the first girl to finish a complete pompom set the winner. As a bonus, each girl gets to take home her own set of pompoms.
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