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Yourijiu non-toxic bopp adhesive tape factory price for strapping

Yourijiu non-toxic bopp adhesive tape factory price for strapping

Yourijiu non-toxic bopp adhesive tape factory price for strapping

300PCS per item
L/C D/A D/P T/T Westem union
Place of Origin
China Fujian
CE Rohs
Delivery Time
4-15 days
OEM, ODM, Customized
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Product Comparison
Yourijiu Adhesive Tape has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. Cloth Tape has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality.We guarantee that all of our products can meet the with strict QC procedure strictly conducted.Compared with other products in the same category, Cloth Tape has the following major features.
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Company Advantages
1. Yourijiu bopp adhesive tape is manufactured meeting the production process standard.
2. The product has a strong resistance to corrosion. Non-corrosive materials are used to enhance the product's capability to withstand rust, moisture, and chemical liquids.
3. The product has desired safety. It is kept up do date with the residential or commercial places' wiring systems and used safely and reliably.
4. The product helps reduce foot diseases, guaranteeing comfortable and healthy feet thanks to the combination of breathable materials.

Company Features
1. With outstanding quality of transparent colored tape , Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Group Co., Ltd. leads the bopp adhesive tape market development and has created industry benchmarks.
2. We have multi-disciplined teams. Their hands-on installation & manufacturing knowledge gives them a good understanding of what works in the real world. They help the company create products that meet real needs.
3. The whole company, Yourijiu, relies on the great culture of people-oriented. Check it! Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Group Co., Ltd. strives for high quality and constant improvement. Check it! Yourijiu aims to be the leading bopp packing tape supplier. Check it! Yourijiu is a specialized clear tape supplier which is very ambitious. Check it!

SW Type BOPP Packaging Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

This machine is integrated by introducing foreign advanced coating machine technology and combining with its years of coating machine’s production experiences, which is widely applied to producing products including BOOP packaging adhesive tapes, etc which need for gluing.



Coating Mode

Comma Coating

Coating Width


Unwinding Form

Single -station

Rewinding Form

Single -station

Unreeling Diameter


Reeling Diameter


Length of Baking Oven


Heating Mode

Heat Conduction Oil Heating

Temperature of Baking Oven

Normal Temperature -150

Working Speed


Mechanical Speed


External Dimension


Machine Weight

about 21000kg

1.The whole machine adopts 3-frequency-conversion motor for control and the whole machine tension (including coating, baking oven and traction) adopts floating roller swing arm for control which improves reliability for the whole machine tension.
2. Material-discharging shelf is independent and adopts magnetic powder for control of automatic tension.
3. Gluing in comma scraper coating mode is well-distributed and thickness is adjustable.
4. Baking oven is 24m and temperature is independently controlled by 8 sections. Heating adopts hat conduction oil cyclic heating. Inlet and outlet air force for hot-air entering-type drying system and adjustable internal recycling air-sucking and air-exhausting device is strong and drying is thorough.
5. Inner guide wheel of baking oven adopts independent motor driving and it is active synchronization with main machine, transmission adopts chain transmission type which reduces materials’ tensile and deformation and cylinder open-top type baking oven and film-threading operating platform is for convenience of operating worker’s working.
6. The tension between hand coater and traction steel rollers adopts floating swing arm in synchronized manner. 
7. Automatic meter-counting and speed-counting device.
8. Deviation rectification adopts EPC gas sensitive type edges-aligning machine for purpose of neater reeling of materials.
9. Reeling and unreeling adopt key-type air bulking shaft for purpose of convenient and quick operating loading and unloading materials.
10. Steel roller cooling for high-precision up-thrust type traction device adopts water-circulating type which enables film to be smoother and can achieve more cooling effect through cooling roller.


Main Products


Product Description

Product Description:



The device uses advanced electronic temperature control, stepless variable speed, automatic counting, automatic correction, gravure printing, advanced infrared heating, cooling and other high-tech re-pressed. Set of discharge, printing, coating, drying, hot air circulation, traction, slitting, rewinding the completion of one machine and other production processes.

Regulating speed

The use of advanced continuously variable motor can continue to arbitrarily adjust the level of working speed.

Temperature Control

This machine adopts advanced electronic temperature control, temperature and automatically adjust the level of automation really.

Correct the deviation

This machine adopts the foreign advanced technology, installation of automatic correction of high-sensitivity infrared equipment and high-sensitivity probe with the local production of products sufficient to ensure no waste and tidy corner


The machine comes with two-color gravure printing cylinder, printing the same width as the width of coating substrates.


Using the latest steam heating. Sub-heated hot air circulation temperature uniformity, temperature, liquid crystal digital display, disable kilowatt hour.


The machine comes with feature does not require reprovision Slitter Slitting, cut width can be arbitrarily adjusted tension control cutting length of the automatic counting arbitrary length, and automatically shutdown really achieve streamlined automatic production.


Yourijiu clear tape is produced under different advanced technologies. According to various demands, it will be processed under modern 3D weaving technology, electrostatic nanotechnology, or non-woven fabric technology. It is in compliance with RoHS environmental protection standard
Yourijiu transparent colored tape is carefully designed. The design is carried out by our design team who is dedicated to keeping the product looking great for years, such as special metal coatings that prevent fingerprints and other residues. Made of durable ABS material, it can withstand extreme weather like rainy day
The surface process of Yourijiu bopp adhesive tape includes rust, grease, oxidization, and burnishing. All these processes are done in line with hardware manufacture standards both domestically and internationally. The surface of the product goes through the anodic oxidation treatment which makes it of anti-corrosion
Yourijiu transparent colored tape is created by experienced designers from different places. They strive to design new shapes and motifs and determine to innovate more creative porcelain dinnerware. Made of durable ABS material, it can withstand extreme weather like rainy day
Yourijiu transparent colored tape meets the requirements of a series of standards. These standards include IEC 60038 (IEC standard voltages), IEC 60076 (Power transformers - ability to withstand short-circuit), etc. All the products are of good thermal conductivity
It is not prone to burn out due to excessive temperatures. It is designed with a temperature protection system to prevents internal components. With highly bright LED chip, the product produces no radiation, protecting human health
The product has a built-in light diffuser that illuminates in a concentrated direction to give the user the right amount of brightness. Made of stainless steel hex nuts, the surface of the light is durable and rust-free
The product illuminates in a specific direction. It does not require an additional reflection or reorientation system to prevent light loss. The lighting kits of the product are completely wireless and easy to be mounted
As for the maintenance of this product, it is not necessary to wash with water. Users only need to wipe with a dry cloth. The lighting kits of the product are completely wireless and easy to be mounted
This product can provide natural color temperatures. Made of high-quality components, it is able to emit true color. Easy installation is the feature of the product
This product is installer-friendly. It can be easily mounted or installed without the need of many technical tools. Each finished product has passed TUV, KC, and EMC international certifications
This product, being lightweight and moisture-wicking, is at the top of the pyramid of comfortable clothing pieces. It will definitely make people look perfect. The chip of the LED light is a semiconductor chip that emits light and not easily broken
Wearing this garment feels good. As a result, this has the effect of improving the image thus making the wearer a lot confident about himself or herself. Made of durable ABS material, it can withstand extreme weather like rainy day
The product does not need much time and energy to care for, namely, it does not need frequent ironing or washing with special solvents. Customized products can be made to satisfy the needs of customers
This high-quality product helps avoid possible inflammation caused by bacteria or fungi. It is comfortable and breathable to wear throughout the day. The design of the product's structure is compact and beautiful
This product can make space more practical. With this product, people are having a more comfortable life or work. The product has an optimal stability performance
This product can significantly protect the feet from sharp objects and uncomfortable surfaces, which will help people fight against the tough roads. Made of stainless steel hex nuts, the surface of the light is durable and rust-free
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