Youyi Group Founded in March 1986, Fujian Youyi Group is a modern enterprise with many industries including packaging materials, film, paper making and chemical industries. At present Youyi has established 20 production bases in Fujian, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Yunnan, Liaoning, Anhui, Guangxi, Jiangsu and other places. The total plants cover an area of 2.8 square kilometers with over 8000 skiled emplyees.Youyi now equips with more than 200 advanced coating production lines, which insists to build into the largest production scale in this industry in China. Marketing outlets nationwide achieves more competitive sales network. Youyi’s own brand YOURIJIU has successfully marched into international market. Its series of products become hot sellers and earn a good reputation in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America, up to 80 countries and regions.

Youyi adheres to the business conduct principle, "survive by quality and develop by integrity", always implements the quality policy of "innovation and change, pragmatic and refinement", earnestly implements theIS09001 and IS014001 management systems, and builds the brand with heart. Over the years, Youyi has been awarded "China Well-known Trademarks", "Fujian Famous Brand Products", "High-tech Enterprises" "Fujian Science and Technology Enterprises", "Fujian Packaging Leading Enterprises", "China Adhesive Tape Industry Model Enterprises" and other honorary titles.

Over three decades, Youyi sticks to the aim of creating "building a century-old enterprise". With an experienced management team has laid a solid foundation for sustainable development. Not only does Youyi actively take part in charity or public services to benefit the local people,but also it makes economy and environment coordinate in an enterprise, and unity of economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit can be achieved. Youyi invests in first class production equipments, focuses on training skilled personnel and continuously improves and optimizes management processes.

On the concept of "Client first with win-win cooperation", we promise to deliver long term value for our customers by developing huge markets and promoting strong customer relationships. Customers are at the heart of everything we do, which gives us confidence to get trust from our partnership. At the same time, Youyi has been widely recognized by the market, becoming the super star in Chinese adhesive tape industry.


Development Path

March. 1986

Fuqing Youyi Plastic Packing Tape Factory

January. 1994

Fuqing Youyi Adhesive Tape Product Co.,Ltd

March. 1998

Chengdu Youyi Packing Material Co..Ltd

October. 1999

Shanxi YouRiJiu Industry Development Co.,Ltd

July. 2001

Fujian Fuqing Youfa Industry Co.,Ltd

October. 2002

Yunnan Yourijiu Packing Material Industry Co.,Ltd

November. 2005

Shenyang Youmao Industry Co.,Ltd

February. 2006

Wuhan Yourijiu Packing Material Industry Co.,Ltd

September. 2008

Lanzhou Yuzhong Yourijiu Adhesive Tape Product Co.,Ltd

July. 2009

Fujian Dahuyang Investment Co.,Ltd

July. 2010

Anhui Yourijiu Packing Material Industry Co.,Ltd

May. 2011

Harbin Daowai Yourijiu Adhesive Tape Factory

May. 2011

Beijing Yourijiu Adhesive Tape Factory

Auguat. 2011

Fuqing Yourijiu Packing Material Co.,Ltd

March. 2012

Chongqing Yourijiu Adhesive Tape Factory

May. 2012

Nanning Yourijiu Adhesive Products Co.,Ltd

June. 2012

Shanghai Youquan Adhesive Tape Factory

June. 2012

Nanchong Jialin Yourijiu Adhesive Products Factory

August. 2012

Nanchong Youyi Packing Material Co.,Ltd

October. 2012

Fujian Youhe Adhesive Technology Industry Co.,Ltd

September. 2014

Xining Yourijiu Adhesive Tape Factory

October. 2015

Wuhan Youfa Packing Technology Co.,Ltd

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