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Do Building Beauty Joints Need Masking Tape?

September 27, 2022

Fujian YOUYI Tape has been focusing on building beauty stitching  masking tape for 30 years. The masking tape is mainly made of masking paper and pressure-sensitive glue. The masking paper is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the other side is coated with anti-sticking material. And made of roll adhesive tape. Fujian YOUYI Tape has the characteristics of good toughness, high-temperature resistance, complete specifications, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, easy to tear, soft and compliant, and no residue after tearing. So do we need to use masking tape when we do architectural beauty seams?

As one of the construction tools, textured paper is a dispensable tool. During construction, users who are not very particular may not use it, but this kind of thing is still very useful. The textured paper is used before the beautifying agent is applied to prevent the problem that the beautifying agent sticks to the surface of the tile and cannot be removed in time, which is not easy to remove. It won’t cause much trouble if you don’t need it, because the beautifying agent can be easily removed before it solidifies, so after our construction, the solidification of the beautifying agent will take a certain time, and the tiles can be cleaned within this time. The following will tell you how to paste the masking paper.

(1) Look at the type of tile

If your home is a relatively smooth tile (representative: polished tile, vitrified tile, micro crystalline stone, etc.), then it may not cause much trouble, because it takes a long time to clean the tiles before the beautifying agent solidifies, and the beauty It is easy to remove the sealant before it hardens.

If the floor at home is a tile with dark patterns (representative: antique tiles), then it is recommended to use a beautiful pattern because there are many dark pits or dark patterns on the tile, and the excess material that overflows when the beautifying agent is applied will easily penetrate. These dark pits or dark lines cannot be removed with a shovel. Even if they are removed, the tile surface will be damaged. In the end, the gain is not lost, so it is better to use textured paper to assist you in doing it.

(2) Look at the craftsmanship of the master

If the master is skilled in craftsmanship, the old master has superb skills and can use experience and technology to deal with various tile gaps, then it can be directly constructed without masking paper. If you are a novice or do it yourself, it is recommended to use textured paper to assist you in doing it, so as not to accidentally damage the tiles, and it will cost labor and materials if you do not do well.

(3) Look at what product you use

If you use ceramic clay for beauty joints, its viscosity and strength are far higher than ordinary beauty joints and porcelain joints. Once the ceramic mud is dry on the tiles, it will be integrated with the tiles to avoid residual material on the edge of the gap. Sticking textured paper is the best choice, and the construction is more efficient!

Fujian YOUYI Group has been focusing on masking tape for 30 years and has cooperated with Nippon Paint and Dulux for many years. Friends are welcome to come and consult!

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