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How do I Use Cloth Tape? Our Tips on How to Use Cloth Tape

February 7, 2023

How do I Use Cloth Tape? Our Tips on How to Use Cloth Tape

It is more important to master the use of cloth tape, both for cloth tape wholesalers and users.

1. Clean the ground before using cloth tape

The necessary condition for the use of cloth tape is the need for a clean and tidy ground environment. Imagine if the ground is not clean, leaving a lot of flying dust on the ground, then it is bound to affect the effect of the use of cloth tape, resulting in cloth tape due to foreign objects not necessarily sticking firmly. This is why it is important that the floor is swept clean and that no dust or water is left behind. This is one of the ways to use it.

2. Use the color of the tape that matches the carpet

Prepare the carpet and lay the cloth base where needed. It is best to use the same or similar color as the carpet. This allows the whole carpet to be laid in a more coordinated color. Otherwise, if there is a contrast in the color choice, it is easy to make the cloth adhesive use uncoordinated and affect the beauty of the whole site.

3. cloth adhesive in the seam, you need to cover the upper layer of the carpet part of the lower area.

This is also an important point in the three methods of use that we teach you. When laying, there is a technique that needs to be noted is that the two carpets should be connected in a way that the upper carpet covers the lower part of the carpet, which can cover an area of about 10cm so that the cloth tape is used at the edge.

If the user’s method of use is not correct, between two carpets zero distance side by side, and then in the gap between the two sides of the paste on the cloth base, although the paste is on when with time and personnel walking, easy to affect the use of cloth tape effect, a paste can not.

In short, everyone in the purchase and use of cloth tape process needs to understand we give you these methods of experience, and master down, so as not to affect the use of the effect.

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