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How to Choose PVC Electrical Tapes?

August 22, 2022

How to choose PVC electrical tape specifications?

The specifications of each brand manufacturer are different; the specifications produced are different. The length of electrical tape is generally 10 yards and 20 yards, and the conventional width is 18mm and 20mm. When purchasing electrical tape, check the appearance of the tape for defects, whether the section has burrs, whether the surface is smooth, and whether there is glue overflow or infiltration. Secondly, the tape is determined by glue, and the quality of PVC tape can be judged by smell. The quality of PVC tape is not good, the taste will be more pungent, on the contrary, the quality will be better.

Finally, you can stick the PVC tape on the wire, then tear it off, and touch the attached wire with your hand. If the surface of the wire is sticky, it means that the quality of the tape is poor.

How to use PVC electrical tape?

1. Specify the starting point for winding PVC electrical tape

The starting point of the packaging of PVC electrical tape is very important. For example, if the starting point of PVC electrical tape is not well chosen, it will not only cause waste of PVC electrical tape but also may affect the final effect of PVC electrical tape. Generally speaking, the starting point of the winding of PVC electrical tape should be 1-2 cm on the bare copper or aluminum wire of the line.

2. Specify the winding method of PVC electrical tape

Different line joints have different winding methods of PVC electrical tape. According to the connection method of the wires, the winding method of PVC electrical tape also has a “cross” winding method, “one” winding method, and “d” winding method. Therefore, before winding PVC electrical tape, you must pay attention to the corresponding winding method.

3. Perform the winding operation correctly according to the winding method of PVC electrical tape

After clarifying the starting point and winding method of the PVC electrical tape, the electrician can perform the winding operation. During the winding process, attention must be paid to the correct winding method.

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