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How to use PVC Electrical Tape

March 23, 2023

 Electrical tape is electrical insulation adhesive tape, generally soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as the base material, coated with a specific adhesive made of, so it is also known as PVC electrical tape. Electrical tape has excellent electrical insulation functions such as weather resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant, coating and shape, etc. It is widely used in all walks of life, suitable for wire winding, insulation protection, phase color marking and so on.                                                                           

       Electrical tape type use method:

       Electrical Tape used especially by electricians to prevent leakage and act as insulation. With good insulation voltage resistance below 600v, flame retardant, weather resistance and other characteristics, suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation protection, etc. 

       Suitable for all kinds of resistance parts insulation: such as wire joint winding, insulation damage repair, transformer, motor, capacitor, voltage regulator and other types of motor, electronic parts insulation protection. It can also be used for binding, fixing, lap bonding, repairing, sealing and protection in the industrial process.

       The high pressure self-adhesive tape is: stretch the tape 200% to make a semi-overlapping winding, and wrap a layer of pvc electrical tape on its outer layer for external protection, the best effect. Function: insulation, waterproof, sealing, high pressure resistance is usually in 10kv–35kv. With rubber as the base material, with good self-adhesive, after wrapping the insulation layer into one, strong sealing characteristics. Mainly used for insulation, sealing and waterproof wire and cable joints, can also be used for pipeline protection, repair, sealing and so on!        

       Black tape is usually used for insulation protection of wire and cable joints. Mainly used for insulation protection of general purpose wires and cables, but also used for binding, etc., now usually replaced by pvc electrical tape.Usually black tape is used in the indoor temperature of -10 degrees to 30 degrees can not be exposed to the sun, that is to say, the black tape outside and then wrap a layer of pvc electrical tape is safer.

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