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Kraft Paper Tape


  • Environmentally Friendly;
  • High Tensile Strength;
  • Tamper-Evident Seal;
  • Good Adhesive Properties;
  • Customizable Printing;

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Basic Information
Product Description
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Model 436
MOQ 1 roll
Payment L/C D/A D/P T/T Westem union
Place of Origin Fujian, China
Cetification ISO9001,ISO14001,SGS,ROHS,MS,BSCI
Delivery Time 4-15 days
Sercice OEM, ODM, Customized
Start Port Fuqing, Fujian

Basic Information

Introducing our premium Kraft Paper Tape, the ideal solution for all your packaging and sealing needs. Crafted with utmost care and quality, our tape is designed to provide reliable and durable sealing for your packages, ensuring that your goods reach their destination safely and securely.

Made from high-quality natural Kraft paper, our tape offers exceptional strength and tear resistance. The sturdy construction allows it to withstand the rigors of shipping, handling, and storage, providing an extra layer of protection for your valuable items. Whether you’re packaging boxes, cartons, or parcels, our Kraft Paper Tape will keep everything sealed and intact.

One of the standout features of our Kraft Tape is its superior adhesive properties. With a powerful and long-lasting adhesive, it forms a strong bond on a variety of surfaces, including cardboard, paper, and other packaging materials. Once applied, the tape stays firmly in place, preventing any accidental openings.

We understand the importance of eco-friendly solutions, and that’s why our Kraft Tape is an excellent choice for those seeking sustainable packaging options. Crafted from renewable resources, our tape is fully recyclable and biodegradable, making it an environmentally responsible choice. By opting for our Kraft Paper Tape, you can demonstrate your commitment to reducing waste.

The versatility of our Paper Tape is another reason why it’s a must-have for your packaging needs. It can be easily torn by hand, eliminating the need for additional tools or cutters. Its flexibility allows for smooth application on curved surfaces and irregularly shaped packages.

Upgrade your packaging game with our premium Kraft Paper Tape. Trust in its strength, reliability, and eco-consciousness to ensure your packages arrive intact and make a positive impact on the environment. Whether you’re sealing small packages or large shipments, our tape provides the convenience and efficiency you require.

Product Description

  • Environmentally Friendly: Kraft paper is biodegradable and made from renewable resources, making it an eco-friendly packaging option compared to plastic-based tapes.
  • High Tensile Strength: Despite its lightweight and thin appearance, Kraft paper tape has good tensile strength, allowing it to securely seal cartons without easily tearing or breaking.
  • Tamper-Evident Seal: Once applied, Kraft paper tape forms a strong bond with the carton surface, providing a tamper-evident seal. Any attempt to open or tamper with the package will be evident, ensuring the contents’ security during transit.
  • Good Adhesive Properties: Kraft tape is available in both self-adhesive (pressure-sensitive) and water-activated varieties. The water-activated version has an adhesive that is activated by moisture, creating a strong bond with the carton surface.
  • Customizable Printing: Kraft tape can be easily printed on, allowing businesses to add custom logos, branding, handling instructions, or other messages, making it a great option for promotional purposes.

Application Field

It is used to seal small packages and large goods, such as packaging boxes, cartons, parcels, cardboard, paper and other packaging materials