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Superior OPP Overlamination Tape Jumbo Roll

March 4, 2024

OPP Overlamination Tape, a vital component in industrial settings, offers a protective layer to various surfaces, safeguarding against wear, tear, and damage. Jumbo Rolls of this tape play a crucial role in industrial applications due to their efficient and cost-effective nature, allowing for streamlined processes and enhanced productivity. The tape’s superior features, including durability, adhesive strength, and versatility, make it an indispensable asset across diverse sectors. Established in March 1986, Youyi Group has emerged as a prominent player in this domain, with its brand YOURIJIU gaining significant traction globally. Trusted for its quality and performance, YOURIJIU products have garnered acclaim across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America, serving clientele in over 80 countries and regions.

Product Description

Material Specifications

  • OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) Film Characteristics:

OPP film, a thermoplastic polymer, boasts remarkable mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, flexibility, and resistance to moisture and chemicals. Its orientation during manufacturing enhances both strength and clarity, rendering it an optimal choice for overlamination tape applications.

  • Adhesive Types and Properties:

The adhesive utilized in OPP overlamination tape is meticulously chosen to ensure maximum bonding strength and durability. Common adhesive types, such as acrylic-based adhesives, exhibit robust adhesion to diverse surfaces while retaining flexibility and resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Dimensions of Jumbo Rolls

  • Width and Length Variations:

Jumbo rolls of OPP overlamination tape are available in a diverse range of widths and lengths, catering to varied industrial needs. Width options typically span from several inches to several feet, while lengths can extend from hundreds to thousands of meters, offering versatility and cost-effectiveness for large-scale applications.

  • Core Size and Compatibility:

Jumbo rolls are supplied with differing core sizes to accommodate various dispensing equipment. Standard core sizes, such as 3-inch and 6-inch diameters, ensure compatibility with conventional tape dispensers and machinery commonly used in industrial settings.

Physical Properties

  • Thickness:

OPP overlamination tape is offered in multiple thicknesses to suit distinct protection and application requirements. Thickness options range from tens of microns to several millimeters, providing flexibility for both lightweight and heavy-duty applications.

  • Tensile Strength:

The tensile strength of OPP overlamination tape guarantees its resilience against stress and stretching during application and usage. High tensile strength contributes significantly to the tape’s durability and reliability in securing and safeguarding surfaces.

  • Adhesion Strength:

Adhesion strength plays a critical role in ensuring the tape remains securely bonded to the applied surface. Superior OPP overlamination tape exhibits robust adhesion properties, creating a dependable barrier against moisture, dust, and other environmental elements.

  • Clarity and Glossiness:

The clarity and glossiness of OPP overlamination tape enhance the visual appeal of protected surfaces, imparting a sleek and professional finish. The tape’s transparent nature allows printed graphics or text to remain clearly visible while offering exceptional protection and durability.

Advantages of Superior OPP Overlamination Tape

Durability and Lifespan

Superior OPP overlamination tape delivers exceptional durability, ensuring prolonged protection for surfaces exposed to harsh environments or heavy usage. Its resistance to tearing, abrasion, and UV exposure extends the lifespan of protected surfaces, thereby reducing the frequency of replacement or maintenance.

OPP Overlamination Tape Jumbo Roll

Moisture and Chemical Resistance

The inherent properties of OPP film, combined with the adhesive’s resistance to moisture and chemicals, make superior OPP overlamination tape highly effective in demanding industrial environments. It forms a reliable barrier against water, oil, solvents, and other corrosive substances, preserving surfaces from damage and degradation.

High Clarity and Aesthetics Improvement

The high clarity and glossiness of superior OPP overlamination tape elevate the visual appeal of protected surfaces, accentuating printed graphics, labels, or packaging designs with vibrant colors and sharp details. This enhancement improves the overall aesthetics of products or surfaces while ensuring optimal protection and durability.

Ease of Application and Processing

Superior OPP overlamination tape is engineered for effortless application and processing, streamlining production workflows in industrial settings. Its compatibility with standard dispensing equipment and smooth handling characteristics facilitate seamless integration into existing manufacturing processes, thereby minimizing downtime and labor costs.

Applications and Uses

Lamination and Protection of Printed Materials

OPP overlamination tape is extensively utilized to laminate and safeguard printed materials like posters, photographs, labels, and signage. It bolsters the durability and longevity of these items by providing a transparent protective layer that shields against abrasion, moisture, and fading, thus maintaining their visual appeal over extended periods.

Packaging and Labeling Solutions

Within the packaging sector, OPP overlamination tape plays a pivotal role in sealing, reinforcing, and enhancing the visual aesthetics of packages. It offers a secure seal for corrugated boxes, cartons, and packages, fortifying them against tampering and environmental elements. Furthermore, it is employed in labeling applications to impart glossiness, durability, and moisture resistance to product labels.

Industrial Bonding and Assembly

OPP laminated tapes are widely used in industrial bonding and assembly tasks due to their strong adhesive properties and resistance to environmental stress. It is frequently used in bonded components, fastened parts and mounting fixtures in industries such as automotive, aerospace and manufacturing. Reliable adhesion and durability are critical in these industries.

Specialty Applications in Electronics and Automotive Industries

Especially in the electronics and automotive sectors, OPP laminate tapes are designed for special applications. For example, protecting circuit boards, electronic components and automotive surfaces from moisture, dust and mechanical damage. It acts as a protective barrier against environmental pollutants. While providing insulation, vibration damping and heat resistance under harsh operating conditions.

Manufacturing Process

Raw Material Selection

The manufacturing process commences with meticulous selection of raw materials, encompassing high-quality OPP film and adhesive formulations. These materials are chosen based on their mechanical attributes, clarity, adhesion characteristics, and suitability for intended applications.

Extrusion and Orientation Process

The chosen OPP film undergoes extrusion and orientation processes to impart desired mechanical properties and clarity. During extrusion, the molten polymer is shaped into a thin film, which is subsequently stretched and oriented in multiple directions to enhance tensile strength, clarity, and dimensional stability.

Coating and Lamination Techniques

Adopt advanced coating technologies such as slot die or gravure coating. Apply a layer of adhesive to the oriented OPP film. The adhesive-coated film is then laminated to the release liner. Form into self-rolling large rolls or convert into smaller rolls or sheets according to customer specifications.

Quality Control Measures and Testing

Strict quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process. To ensure product consistency, compliance with specifications and industry standards. Before packaging and distribution, various tests are performed. Includes adhesion testing, thickness measurement, visual inspection and performance testing to verify product quality and reliability.

Environmental and Safety Considerations

Adherence to Environmental Regulations

Our OPP laminated tapes comply with strict environmental regulations. It minimizes its impact on the environment throughout production and disposal. We prioritize the use of materials and methods that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Designed to reduce environmental harm and promote sustainable development.

Recyclability and Environmental Friendliness of OPP

With a focus on recyclability and eco-friendliness, our OPP overlamination tape is crafted with materials selected to facilitate recycling, thus decreasing waste and conserving resources. We are dedicated to enhancing the environmental profile of our products through ongoing innovation and sustainable practices.

Safety Protocols for Handling and Usage

Ensuring safety during the handling and application of our OPP overlamination tape is of utmost importance. We furnish thorough safety guidelines to guarantee proper handling, storage, and usage procedures. Rigorous testing is conducted to verify that our products meet safety standards, ensuring they pose no harm to users or the environment when utilized as intended.

In Closing

The superior OPP overlamination tape jumbo roll stands as a versatile and indispensable solution across diverse industrial applications. Its exceptional durability, bond strength and environmental considerations make it the first choice for laminating and protecting printed materials, packaging solutions, industrial bonding and specialty applications in the electronics and automotive industries. We are committed to environmental regulations, recyclability and strict safety guidelines. Our large rolls of OPP laminated tape embody reliability, efficiency and sustainability. A trusted asset for increasing productivity and protecting surfaces in every industry.

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