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Color Stationary Tape


  • Provide a variety of bright color options;
  • Made of high-quality materials, able to withstand daily wear and tear;
  • Featuring strong adhesive backing, it can firmly adhere to various surfaces;
  • Suitable for various applications;

Basic Information
Product Description
Product Features
Application Field

Basic Information

Model YY-BST1
MOQ 1 roll
Payment 300PCS per item.
Place of Origin Fujian, China
Certification ISO9001,ISO14001,SGS,ROHS,MS,BSCI
Delivery Time 4-15 days
Sercice OEM, ODM, Customized
Start Port fuqing, Fujian

Product Description

The Color Stationary Tape is a vibrant and versatile accessory that adds a pop of color and functionality to your everyday stationery needs. This tape comes in a range of eye-catching colors, making it perfect for adding a touch of creativity to your projects, crafts, or organizational tasks.

Measuring a standard size, this stationary tape is easy to handle and apply. It is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The tape’s adhesive backing provides a strong and reliable bond, ensuring that it stays in place once applied.

Whether you’re decorating notebooks, scrapbooking, gift-wrapping, or labeling, this colorful stationary tape is an essential tool. Its bright hues instantly liven up any project, making it a favorite among students, artists, and professionals alike. With its versatility and ease of use, this tape encourages endless possibilities for expressing your creativity and personal style.

Product Features

  • Vibrant Color Range: The Color Stationary Tape offers an extensive selection of vibrant colors, allowing you to find the perfect shade to suit your needs. From bold primaries to soft pastels, the range ensures there’s a tape to match any project or aesthetic.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted from high-quality materials, this stationary tape is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. It maintains its color and adhesive properties over time, ensuring your creations stay intact and visually appealing.
  • Strong Adhesive Backing: The tape features a strong adhesive backing that securely sticks to various surfaces. Whether you’re working with paper, plastic, or fabric, the tape adheres firmly, providing reliable sticking power.
  • Easy to Use: The tape’s user-friendly design allows for effortless application. Simply peel off the backing, position the tape, and press it down firmly. Its smooth surface ensures a clean tear. This also eliminates any frustration commonly associated with other tapes.

Application Field

The Color Stationary Tape is suitable for a wide array of applications. It can be used for decorating journals, scrapbooks, or greeting cards, as well as labeling containers or organizing files. Its versatility makes it a must-have for both personal and professional use.