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Industrial Double Sided Tape

Industrial double sided tape

  • Environmental protection;
  • High adhesion force and holding power;
  • Excellent heat resistance ability;
  • High adhesive strength;

Basic Information
Product Description
Product Features
Application Field

Basic Information

Model Industrial double sided tape
MOQ 1 pallet
Payment L/C T/T D/P
Place of Origin Fujian, China
Certification ISO9001,ISO14001,SGS,ROHS,MS,BSCI
Delivery Time 30 days
Sercice OEM, ODM, Customized
Start Port Fuzhou, China
Certification OHSAS/ OHSMS 18001 Certificate ISO 14001 Certificate ISO9001Certificate BSCI

Product Description

Our Industrial Double Sided Tape is a high-quality adhesive tape specifically designed for industrial applications that require strong and reliable bonding. This tape features adhesive on both sides, allowing it to securely join two surfaces together, providing a long-lasting and durable bond.

Constructed from premium materials, our Industrial Double Sided Tape offers exceptional adhesion and strength. It is capable of adhering to a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, glass, wood, and more. Whether you’re working on construction projects, signage installations, or manufacturing processes, this tape ensures a reliable and permanent bond.

The double-sided design of the tape provides versatility, as it allows for bonding of different materials, such as metal to plastic or glass to wood. This makes it a valuable tool in various industries, including automotive, construction, electronics, and more.

Our Industrial Double Sided Tape is known for its high tack and shear strength, providing excellent resistance against shear forces, vibrations, and environmental factors.

Product Features

  • Versatile Application: The tape is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. It can be used to bond various materials, including metal, plastic, glass, wood, and more. Its versatility makes it valuable in industries such as automotive, construction, electronics, and manufacturing.
  • High Tack and Shear Strength: The tape offers high tack, allowing for immediate adhesion upon contact. It also provides excellent shear strength, withstanding shear forces, vibrations, and environmental factors. This ensures a reliable bond that remains intact under challenging conditions.
  • Temperature Resistance: Our Industrial Double Sided Tape exhibits excellent temperature resistance. It maintains its adhesion and performance across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring durability in both high and low temperature environments.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Made from high-quality materials, the tape is designed to provide long-lasting performance. It withstands wear, tear, and aging, ensuring that the bond remains intact over time. This durability makes it suitable for demanding industrial applications.
  • Customizable: The tape is easy to use and can be customized to fit specific application needs. It can be easily cut to the desired length and shape, allowing for precise and tailored bonding solutions.

Application Field

It can be well applied to a variety of similar or different materials. It can be used for sticker and stamping of signs.Used for fixing plastic display board Used to paste the panel of home appliances and the film switch.