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What double sided tape is used in the automotive industry?

August 14, 2023

Double sided tape is commonly used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Today we mainly introduce several automotive double sided tape.

Many different types of tapes are used in automotive production, including but not limited to the following:

Electronic Tape: applicated in fixing and protecting wires and electronic components, such as wire harness tape, electronic component fixing tape, etc.

Insulation Tape: act on electrical insulation protection, such as wire insulation tape, cable insulation tape, etc.

Sealing Tape: used for waterproofing, sealing and sound insulation, such as door sealing tape, windshield glass sealing tape, etc.

Extrusion Tape: apply to seam sealing and anti-corrosion protection, such as body seam tape, window glass seam tape, etc.

Double Sided Tape: widely used to fix and connect various parts, such as fixing of automotive interior parts, fixing of decorative strips, etc.

These are just some common tapes, and other special-purpose tapes may be used in automobile production, depending on different models and production needs.

With more than 30 years of development in the field of adhesive tape, we provide solutions for various industries, and we are also constantly innovating in the field of adhesive tape for automobile manufacturing.


Double Sided Tissue Tape

It using tissue paper as carrier and coating with pressure sensitive adhesion on both side, then winding in roll with released paper.

Double Sided Tissue Tape is easy to tear and has strong adhesion and holding force, and is suitable for various material surface.

Widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, leather, bags, embroidery, posters, labels, decoration, automobile trim fixing, electronic product and home application.

Double Sided PET Tape

It using PET as carrier and coating with pressure sensitive adhesion on both side, then winding in roll with released paper.

It has excellent initial tack and holding power, shearing resistance, superior bond strength under high temperature and good bonding effect to the material.

Double Sided PET Tape is widely used in fixing and bonding for electronic product accessories, such as camera, speaker, graphite flake and battery bunker and LCD cushion and for automotive ABS plastic sheet.

Double Sided IXPE / EVA Foam Tape

They Using IXPE / EVA foam as carrier and coating pressure sensitive adhesion on both side, then winding in roll with released paper.

With easy process ability, strong heat-insulation, sound insulation, water resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging, anti-UV property and good adhesion.


Automobile Engine

Cabin insulation can be attached with our high performance tissue double sided tape.

Interior of The Car

When fixing the air outlet of the car air conditioner and pasting the interior panels of the car, in addition to the high-performance cotton paper double-sided tape, oily double-sided tape will also be used. Double-sided IXPE foam tape can be used for nameplates or accessories in the car.

Exterior of The Car

Foam tapes are used more frequently on the exterior of the car. The car emblem is fixed with double-sided EVA foam tape. Double-sided IXPE foam tape can be used in wheel hub, wiper and auto sunroof. The rearview mirror and the door edge weather strip can be fixed with double-sided IXPE foam tape and double-sided PET tape.


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