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What is Use of BOPP Tape?

November 11, 2022

It’s a pity that every family has transparent tape, which is only used to stick things. Although the BOPP tape is a small piece, it has many wonderful functions you can’t imagine.

1. Drilling

When drilling on the wall, it is often difficult to control the depth of drilling. As long as you measure the length with a nail, and then stick a piece of tape on the drilling machine, you can be accurate.

2. Remove hair from clothes and hats

Clothes and hats at home will inevitably stick hair. Wrap BOPP tape around your hands, and then easily stick the hair off your clothes and hats.

3. Wear a bracelet

Can’t you always wear a bracelet for yourself? I’ll teach you a trick. Stick it to one side with adhesive tape, and then it can be easily fastened.

4. Make stickers

When you see a favorite pattern, you can print it, paste it with BOPP tape, and then use a spoon to scrape it on the surface, cut it out, soak it in water, and then erase the paper to paste it on the cup.

5. Clean the fingerprints and stains on the keyboard

First tear off a section of scotch tape, then stick it on the keyboard, then buckle the keyboard slightly with your hand, and finally tear off the scotch tape. In this way, you can easily remove the stains on the keyboard surface after several times of operations.

There are many times when you use BOPP tape in your life. It is easy to leave traces if you are not careful. How do you remove it?

Removal of traces of transparent adhesive

1. Turpentine oil

It is also the brush-washing liquid used in painting. We can use a paper towel to stick some pen-washing liquid on the offset printing area for wiping, which can be removed later.

2. Eraser

This is the simplest method. Of course, the eraser will become very black at the beginning. You don’t need to mind this, because the transparent tape will become white after it is rubbed off, but it is only suitable for small traces.

3. Expired skin care products

Because it contains chemicals, these are very useful for removing the adhesive of transparent tape.

4. Alcohol

Wipe with alcohol. Before using this method, make sure that the area to be wiped is not afraid of fading. Wipe slowly with a cloth dipped in alcohol until it is wiped off.

5. Nail remover

The common nail remover has chemical components in it, so the effect of removing traces of BOPP tape is also very good.

The double-sided adhesive tape will be difficult to remove after a long time, and sometimes it will leave a black mark. It is also possible to use these methods.

Removal method of double-sided adhesive tape

1. Hair dryer

The double-sided adhesive tape is softened by heating and blown by a hair dryer. When the double-sided adhesive tape becomes soft, the traces can be easily removed.

2. White flower oil

If you have left dark traces, you can apply some of the household white flower oil on it, then wipe it off with a rag, and then clean it with water. If there is no white flower oil at home, you can use an essential balm or drop oil to rub it repeatedly.

3. Vinegar

Use a piece of dry cloth soaked with vinegar to cover the whole trace. After the double-sided adhesive tape is completely wet, gently scrape it off with a ruler.

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