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Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape


The full name of electrical tape is polyvinyl chloride electrical insulating adhesive tape, and some people call it electrical insulating tape or insulating tape.

basic introduction

Abbreviated as: PVC electrical tape, PVC tape, etc. It has good insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance, etc. It is suitable for wire winding, transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage stabilizers and other types of electrical motors and electronic parts. use. There are red, yellow, blue, white, green, black, transparent and other colors.

The main purpose

Suitable for insulation of various resistance parts. Such as wire joint winding, insulation damage repair, insulation protection of transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage stabilizers and other types of motors and electronic parts. It can also be used for bundling, fixing, overlapping, repairing, sealing and protecting in industrial processes.

Product use

The power cord connector is divided into "ten" connection, "one" connection, "D" connection and so on. The joint should be tightly wound, smooth and free of thorns. Before disconnecting the end of the thread, press the wire with wire cutters lightly, then wrap it to the mouth, and then swing it left and right, and the end of the thread will be disconnected at the joint. If the joint is in a dry place, first wrap two layers of insulating black cloth, then wrap two layers of plastic tape (also called PVC adhesive tape), and then use J-10 insulating self-adhesive tape to stretch about 200% and wrap two or three layers. Finally wrap two layers of plastic tape. Because the direct use of plastic tape has many disadvantages: the plastic tape is prone to dislocation and glue opening over time; when the electrical appliance is under heavy load, the connector is heated, and the plastic electrical tape is easy to melt and shrink; the power connectors are pressed against each other in the junction box, and the connectors have burrs. It is easy to poke the empty plastic tape, etc. These hidden dangers directly endanger personal safety, cause short circuit or abnormality of the line, and cause fire.

With the use of insulating black tape, the above situation will not occur. It has a certain strength and flexibility, and can be tightly wrapped around the joint for a long time. It is dry and fixed under the influence of time and temperature, will not fall off, and is flame retardant. Furthermore, wrapping with insulating black tape and then wrapping the tape can prevent moisture and rust.

However, the insulating self-adhesive tape also has defects. Although it has good waterproof performance, it is easy to break, so it is necessary to wrap two layers of plastic tape as a protective layer. Learn how to use electrical tape, use it correctly, prevent leakage and reduce harm.


It is made of polyvinyl chloride film and coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Electrical tape refers specifically to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and insulate. It has good insulation voltage resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance and other characteristics, suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation protection and other characteristics.

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