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What is covering tape used for?

August 13, 2022

Covering Tape‍

Covering Tape, a type of covering product, is mainly used for covering paint, covering paint and interior decoration when painting automobiles, ships, trains, cabs, furniture, etc. According to the product manufacturing process, the temperature environment of the paint after spraying is different. Effectively improve the efficiency of production, save labor and improve the phenomenon of paint seepage before using waste newspapers.

Product Usage

Spray paint covering

It is mainly to prevent the leakage of paint during spray painting of cars, passenger cars, engineering vehicles, ships, trains, containers, aircraft, machinery and furniture, and completely improve the traditional covering method of newspapers and textured paper. Regardless of whether the newspaper is new or old, there will be paper scraps, dust, and paint seepage caused by the seepage of paint, leaving paint particles sticky and having to be reworked. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to stick the covering tape on the newspaper. In addition, the width and length of the newspaper still need to be adhered to the interface, so the labor cost plus the cost of the tape is not lower than the cost of the new covering Tape. On the contrary, the covering Tape is clean, impermeable paint, waterproof, small in size, and very convenient to use. The workload that usually requires 2-3 people to stick the newspaper can now be completed with high quality by only one person in a short time, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work, saves time and labor, and saves costs for the enterprise. The preferred covering material for large-area spraying in various industries.

Car decoration

During the construction of the mucous membrane of the car, a large amount of water often flows to the dashboard, door, and interior of the car, causing a lot of labor and time to clean up after the film is glued. However, the covering Tape is used to stick the part below the glass, It has the effect of waterproofing, keeping the inside of the car clean, and no need to spend manual cleaning.

Building decoration

The requirements of domestic interior decoration are relatively far behind that of western developed countries. For example, after the decoration of new houses in China, there are a large number of traces of paint or paint left on the door, floor and windows, which greatly affects the beauty of the house, while in developed countries In the renovation of new houses and renovation of old houses, covering Tape and covering paper will be pasted to protect doors and windows, floors, furniture and lamps, etc. Prevent paint and paint from being brushed on the above objects during construction, and also enable the construction personnel to paint the wall boldly and quickly, without worrying that the paint will flow onto the floor and cause a lot of manual cleaning. Therefore, it directly improves the construction efficiency, saves the oil cleaning work after construction, saves labor, and improves the quality of decoration. Therefore, this product is also the most perfect covering material for building decoration.Dust-proof furniture

With the progress of the times and the improvement of living standards, people today often leave home for a long time for work or travel, but after a long journey back home, the furniture and some furnishings in the house are already covered with dust. So I had to do a big cleaning, and I was so tired and sore, which was irritating. However, after using the covering Tape to cover all the things in the house before going out, it can effectively prevent the dust and dust from contaminating the furniture. After returning from the trip, you only need to remove the covering Tape on the furniture and use it normally, so that you can travel long distances. You can have a good rest after working hard! Therefore, the covering Tape is also a very suitable product in family life.

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