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Five factors affecting the coating quality of acrylic tape

July 11, 2022

During the coating process of acrylic tape, what are the factors that affect the coating quality of acrylic tape? There are many factors that affect the coating quality of acrylic tape, but there are only five decisive factors. Fujian YOUYI adhesive will explain to you the solutions to the five adverse factors in the coating process.

Five factors:

Five character formula: man, machine, material, method, ring

1.Man refers to the operator of the coater. He should not only have rich experience in process slurry, characteristics and coater operation, but also be able to find coating abnormalities in time during the coating process, reduce the loss of materials, and reduce undesirable phenomena. In case of abnormalities, he can make timely and effective judgments, and make effective treatment to reduce the perceived defects.

2.The coater refers to the coater itself. The coater itself involves the coating accuracy, temperature control, constant tension, sheet correction accuracy and winding uniformity of acrylic tape in the coating process.

3. Material refers to the base material and slurry. In terms of the base material, the material and thickness of the base material should be uniform, and there should be no wrinkles in the process of running. On the other hand, it refers to that the viscosity and solid content of your slurry do not change, and there should be no precipitation in the process of coating, so it can have good fluidity.

4.Method refers to the feeding method with strict and standardized operation process and system

5. Ring refers to the environment of the production workshop. The humidity and temperature of the production workshop should be constant, and the cleanliness should meet the standard.

The above five points are the constituent factors of the whole acrylic tape coating process. If they can be strictly implemented, the quality of acrylic tape coating production will be no problem. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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