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General Purpose Masking Tape

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General Purpose Masking Tape

Introducing our General Purpose Masking Tape, the versatile tool for all your masking and general adhesive needs! This reliable tape is designed for a wide range of applications, from painting and home improvement projects to crafting and labeling. With its medium adhesion, our General Masking Tape adheres securely to various surfaces, including walls, trim, wood, and metal, providing clean and crisp paint lines.

The tape is easy to apply and remove, leaving minimal residue behind. Its durable construction ensures resistance to tearing and allows for smooth and precise masking. To cater to different project requirements, our General Purpose Masking Tape is available in multiple widths. Choose the appropriate size for your specific needs.

Whether you’re a professional painter, DIY enthusiast, or need an all-purpose tape for everyday tasks, our General Purpose Masking Tape is the go-to choice for dependable performance.

Key Features: General Purpose Masking Tape


  1. Versatile Applications: Our General Masking Tape is suitable for a wide range of applications, including painting, home improvement, crafting, labeling, and general adhesive needs.
  2. Medium Adhesion: The tape’s medium adhesion allows for secure bonding to various surfaces, ensuring clean and sharp paint lines while still allowing for easy removal.
  3. Clean and Crisp Lines: Achieve professional-looking results with our General Purpose Masking Tape. It prevents paint bleed-through, delivering clean and crisp lines, making it a valuable tool for precision painting.
  4. Easy Application and Removal: The tape is designed for easy application, allowing for quick setup and smooth masking. It also removes cleanly, leaving minimal residue behind and reducing the need for extensive cleanup.
  5. Durable Construction: Our General Masking Tape is constructed with durability in mind. It resists tearing, ensuring reliable performance during your projects.
  6. Indoor and Outdoor Use: This tape is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It withstands varying weather conditions, ensuring its effectiveness in different environments.

Trust in the reliability and versatility of our General Purpose Masking Tape for all your masking and general adhesive needs. Experience the dependable performance of our General Masking Tape and elevate your projects with confidence!

Technical Parameters

Product Base
Peel Strength
Holding Power
Tensile Strength
Elongation at
Break (%)
363M Crepe Paper Rubber 140±5 ≥6 ≥3 ≥40 ≥14% 60°C


(1). Widely applied in common decoration, furniture painting, car painting, toy painting

and construction seaming.

(2). Crepe paper carrier with rubber based glue.

(3). Various sizes are available for the completed cutting roll, based on customer’s requirement.

(4). Jumbo roll size: 1250mm x 1800m, 1020mm x 1800m,1200mmx 1800m,etc.


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