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How to Use the Masking Correctly

October 17, 2022

The masking tape is widely used in life, as people’s demand for tape is becoming more and more widespread, there are a variety of uses of tape paper on the market, the following is the specific use of masking tape!

1、 The use of masking tape, should keep the surface of the sticky object clean and dry, otherwise it will affect the adhesive effect of the tape.

2、 The use of a certain force can be applied, so that the masking tape and the bonded object to get a better effect between the bonding.

3、The use of masking tape to have a certain amount of tension, otherwise it is easy to stick.

4、 Each beauty paper because of their own characteristics of different, mixed may appear after some unforeseen problems, so do not use a combination of beauty masking tape.

5、 After use, as soon as possible to peel off the masking tape, to avoid residual glue phenomenon.

The masking tape can be used for capacitors and electronic components, can also be used with kraft paper, for paint spraying works or paint edge use, can also be used for powder spraying, electroplating shielding.

1、The masking tape is provided by a special curing adhesive, which is resistant to high temperatures and does not leave any traces on the surface of the item after use.

2、 The masking tape itself hard texture, when using we can bend at will will not be broken.

3、 Convenient and practical, when left with enough tape length, just a tear by hand can be broken.

4、 Bonding speed: the use of masking tape found when the tape is not at all sticky inside, when and objects in contact with the sticky on it, to avoid causing harm to our hands.

The above is the specific use of masking tape, the last thing we need to remind you is that when choosing the masking tape, you must choose the right product and reliable manufacturers. If you want to know more about the knowledge of the masking tape, the comments section message, I will send in a timely manner.

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