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The Masking Tape is More Complicated Than You Think!

October 19, 2022

Do you know about some small things in life? For example, adhesive tape is widely used in our daily life and work. I believe you have some experience.

With the diversification of customers’ demand and use of adhesive tape, various kinds of adhesive tape have appeared in the market.

Masking tape

Today, I will introduce a very practical adhesive tape – masking tape.

The masking tape is mainly used for masking, but there are many complex masking scenes, corresponding to various types of masking tape.

The commonly used normal temperature textured paper tape is a common one in our daily life. It is easy to operate, namely, tear it and break it. It is used for decoration color separation, painting concealment, painting blank, beautiful sewing, sealing, car painting, interior decoration, etc.

Due to its excellent temperature resistance, the high temperature resistant masking tape is generally used for car paint masking, shoe material paint masking, etc. It remains permanently sticky and will not fall off when used in a high temperature environment.

Due to its strong UV resistance, UV resistant masking tape is often used in outdoor sheltered places to ensure 3-5 long time shielding without falling off.

As well as the colored masking tape that we often used at home before, the surface can be written, which is very practical for making notes or marking items.

The use of masking tape is very simple. When using, just stick the masking tape gently on the part to be covered, and then tear it off after use.

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