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Double-Sided OPP/PET Tape


  • Superior Adhesion;
  • High-Temperature Resistance;
  • Optically Clear;
  • Excellent Solvent Resistance;
  • Easy Application;
  • Customizable Options;

Basic Information
Product Description
Product Features
Application Field

Basic Information

Model DSPT
MOQ 1 roll
Payment 300PCS per item
Place of Origin Fujian, China
Cetification CE Rohs,BSCI,ISO9001,SGS
Delivery Time 4-15 days
Sercice OEM, ODM, Customized
Start Port Fuqing, Fujian

Product Description

Introducing our Double-Sided OPP/PET Tape, the ultimate solution for a wide range of bonding and mounting applications. This high-quality tape is specifically designed to provide exceptional adhesion and durability, making it a versatile choice for various industries and DIY projects.

Invest in our Double-Sided OPP/PET Tape today and experience the power of reliable bonding, versatility, and ease of use. Trust in a tape designed to surpass expectations and deliver exceptional results across diverse applications.

Product Features

  • Excellent adhesion: Both sides of our double-sided OPP/PET are specially formulated with adhesives to ensure a reliable bond to a wide range of surfaces.
  • High temperature resistance: The tape combines oriented polypropylene (OPP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for excellent resistance to temperature changes.
  • Optical transparency: The tape is designed to be nearly transparent, ensuring that it blends seamlessly with the surface without leaving any visible residue.
  • Excellent solvent resistance: Our double-sided /PET tapes are carefully designed to withstand exposure to solvents, chemicals and moisture.
  • Easy to use: Both sides of the tape are lined, making it easy to handle and paste. Simply peel off the lining, align the surface, and press hard to achieve a strong bond.
  • Customizable options: We offer a range of thicknesses and widths to meet your specific requirements.

Application Field

Used in industrial, electronic and electrical adhesive components, narrow strips for fine processes, wider rolls for heavy duty applications, graphics and display industries, etc.