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Eco-Sustainable Jumbo Kraft Tape Roll: The Green Choice for Packaging

November 9, 2023

In a time when eco-friendliness is key, selecting sustainable packaging options becomes essential. The Environmental Friendly Kraft Tape Jumbo Roll is our eco-friendly answer to packaging needs, providing a strong, decomposable option as opposed to conventional tapes. Crafted from renewable sources, it delivers durability while upholding environmental integrity, perfectly suited for companies looking to reduce their ecological footprint while maintaining high-quality standards.

Product Overview: Jumbo Roll Kraft Tape

Product Description

The Jumbo Roll Kraft Tape serves as a versatile packaging solution tailored to meet your packaging requirements efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner. Constructed from premium-quality kraft paper, this tape stands as a dependable choice for sealing packages of various sizes, such as boxes, cartons, and parcels. Its ample length ensures prolonged performance, diminishing the need for frequent replacements.

Key Eco-Friendly Attributes

sustainable Sourcing: Our Jumbo Roll Kraft Tape is exclusively fashioned from 100% recycled kraft paper, mitigating the necessity for fresh tree resources and reducing the overall environmental impact.

biodegradable Nature: Diverging from conventional plastic tapes that pose ecological threats, our Kraft Tape is biodegradable, undergoing natural decomposition over time without leaving detrimental residues in the environment.

Water Activated Adhesive: The adhesive employed is starch glue which needs water activated, devoid of harmful chemicals, and does not emit toxic fumes during both its production and application.

lEnvironmentally-Conscious Packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging of the Kraft Tape. We employ recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials to ensure a holistic eco-friendly experience, encompassing the entire lifecycle from purchase to disposal.

Opt for our Jumbo Roll Kraft Tape to make an environmentally conscious choice while enjoying a dependable and efficient packaging solution. Join us in the endeavor to preserve our planet for future generations with this eco-friendly alternative.

Environmental Benefits

Supporting Environmental Sustainability with Kraft Tape

Kraft Tape and Sustainable Packaging:

Using Kraft Tape is a significant step towards supporting environmental sustainability. Kraft paper, the primary material used in this tape, is derived from recycled sources or responsibly managed forests. By choosing Kraft Tape, you contribute to the reduction of deforestation and promote the sustainable management of our natural resources.

Biodegradability and Reduced Waste:

One of the key environmental benefits of Kraft Tape is its biodegradability. Unlike plastic tapes that can persist in landfills for centuries, Kraft Tape naturally breaks down over time, leaving no harmful residues in the environment. This helps reduce the burden of non-recyclable waste on our planet.

Carbon Footprint Reduction with Eco-Friendly Tape

Reducing Emissions:

Switching to eco-friendly Kraft Tape has a direct impact on carbon footprint reduction. Traditional plastic tapes are often manufactured using energy-intensive processes and emit harmful greenhouse gases during production. In contrast, Kraft Tape is typically produced with lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

Transportation Efficiency:

Since Kraft Tape is lightweight, it contributes to more efficient transportation. Reduced weight in packaging materials means lower fuel consumption during shipping, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the logistics of goods.

By adopting Kraft Tape and other eco-friendly packaging solutions, you actively participate in the global effort to combat climate change, minimize resource depletion, and reduce waste, all while maintaining the integrity of your packaging needs.

Product Features

Detailed Specifications of the Jumbo Roll


The Environmental Friendly Kraft Tape Jumbo Roll comes in various width options to accommodate diverse packaging needs, typically ranging from 2 inches (5 cm) to 3 inches (7.5 cm). The length of each roll is generous, often measuring 450 feet (137 meters) or more, ensuring prolonged usage.

Strength and Durability:

Crafted from high-quality kraft paper, this tape exhibits remarkable strength and tear resistance. It maintains its integrity even in challenging packaging scenarios, securely sealing boxes, cartons, and parcels. Its robust construction reduces the risk of packages opening during transit.

Adhesion Qualities:

The adhesive on the Kraft Tape is water activated and designed to provide excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. It adheres firmly to cardboard, paper, and other materials commonly used in packaging, ensuring reliable sealing without the need for excessive tape application.

Comparison with Traditional Packaging Tapes

Kraft Tape vs. Plastic Tapes:

Compared to traditional plastic packaging tapes, the Jumbo Roll Kraft Tape offers superior eco-friendliness. While plastic tapes contribute to environmental pollution and are challenging to recycle, Kraft Tape is biodegradable and derived from sustainable sources. It excels in both strength and environmental responsibility.


Despite its eco-friendly nature, Kraft Tape remains cost-effective when compared to premium plastic tapes. Its durability and reliable sealing properties often result in less tape usage, reducing overall packaging costs.

Certifications and Standards

Kraft Tape and Eco-Certifications:

Our Jumbo Roll Kraft Tape may meet various eco-certifications and standards, such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, indicating responsible sourcing of raw materials. Check product labels for specific certifications, ensuring that your choice aligns with your sustainability goals.

Applications Across Industries

Kraft Tape finds ideal use in various industries

Retail: Perfect for eco-friendly packaging, gift wrapping, and adding a rustic touch to products.

Shipping: Ensures secure packaging for parcels, boxes, and cartons during transit.

Warehousing: Ideal for sealing inventory and organizing storage containers, maintaining product integrity.

Effective Usage Tips

Surface Preparation: Clean, dry, and debris-free surfaces enhance tape adhesion.

Optimal Amount: Use an appropriate amount of tape to avoid wastage.

Even Pressure: Apply even pressure along seams or edges for a secure seal.

Tape Dispensers: Consider using dispensers for efficiency in larger-scale operations.

Labeling: Easily accepts written or printed labels, ensuring clear package identification.

With these tips, Kraft Tape serves as a versatile, strong, and eco-conscious solution for various packaging needs across industries.


The Environmental Friendly Kraft Tape Jumbo Roll embodies the essence of eco-friendly packaging. Its sustainable materials and unwavering performance render it the conscientious selection for all your packaging requisites. By opting for this tape, you not only fulfill your packaging needs but also actively participate in creating a more environmentally friendly world, demonstrating your dedication to sustainability. Embrace the eco-conscious alternative with Jumbo Kraft Tape and play a role in nurturing both your packages and the environment.

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